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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

If your question was not clarified with the help of the FAQ or you want additional details, fill out the contact form.

  • Are the products original?

All products on our website are 100% original and come from authorized retailers and distributors. Each product comes with an authenticity tag. With extensive experience in the field, we managed to secure the best connections throughout Europe so that you can enjoy the most limited models, even in Romania.

  • How much does the transportation costs? Can I check the package upon delivery?
Delivery is free on all orders. We also have the option of parcel verification, visible at the checkout, at a cost of 25 ron.
  • Can I pay cash back? What about the card?

Orders can be paid both cash on delivery, to the courier, and in advance by bank card. Payments are secured so you can enjoy safe shopping.

  • What does the 24h label on the image of some of the products mean?

The 24h label means that the respective products can be delivered directly from the local warehouse within 24 hours. To check if the size you want is eligible for 24-hour delivery, we recommend that you:

- select the size you want

- to check the "Availability" column visible under the size selector where either the availability in the office in Timișoara with 24h delivery, or the availability in our external warehouse with a longer delivery time will appear.

  • Can I return the products?

Yes, you have 14 days to return any product!

  • My size is out of stock. can i order it

Almost any product can be brought to order, especially those that are already on the site. If you want a certain model that you can't find on the website, contact us and we will make sure that you will be able to enjoy the much-desired pair!

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